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We offer elements of awnings and aluminium chair legs in constant sale...

Die casting foundry:


ISO 9001 Certified

ISO 14001 Certified

Aluminum Die Casting

Clamping force up to 1850 tons

Parts for awnings

We also provide some aluminium items such as elements of awnings to be mounted on basket awning as well as aluminium chair legs of different sort. These products are shipped directly from die casting plant to Proal.

The products can be painted according to the client’s wishes. Chair legs can be also polished or sent to undergo some galvanic treatment.

Therefore we can offer vast series, good price, quick delivery.

Be careful! The whole set does not include long aluminium profiles.

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Corner no 1002       Hinge I no 1003         Hinge II no 1004     Hinge III no 1005

1006       1007       1008       1009

Hinge IV no 1006     Corner no 1007       Grip no 1008           Hinge no 1009

Aluminium chair legs

We offer a five-legged aluminum base for chairs. They are casted by company from our Group.

Our company Proal Wejherowo provides all other work. All casted items are deburred and drilled.

On your request, the aluminum five-legged base can be:


chair legs       chair legs

Examples of finishing - grinding and polishing:

chair legs       chair legs

powder coating:

chair legs       chair legs

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